BizNet Mbuzi Forum (BizNet) is a men’s-only networking forum that aims to develop professional grounded men that are socially, culturally and economically rounded.

This is achieved through deep engagement forum between elders and younger men, where minds are sharpened through mentoring, counselling, advice, knowledge and experience exchange.

BizNet has been in operation since 2010 and has been running for the past 6 years.

Young Kenyan Businessmen Face Challenges of lack of Mentorship and Linkages with Experienced and Successful Role Models


The main activities of the BizNet Mbuzi Forum is to provide members with Business Networking opportunities (for products, services and technical know-how and encouraging Members to do business together by giving first right of offer/ or refusal to the forum’s members. The second and important activity is to socialize during which dialogue and exchange of ideas takes place culminating in the monthly keynote Spot talk by Members with varying expertise. The BizNet Forum is strictly comprised of Professionals and is strictly apolitical.

The Forum also provides an opportunity for Free Learning on slaughtering and processing Mbuzi’s under the able tutelage of Elder Charles Ngumo and we are now processing 4 goats at a time. The BizNet Mbuzi Forum encourages all Members to learn and volunteer more, as in any case apart from individual honing of this vital skill, the Mbuzi’s are also ours to enjoy.